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Singapore's best maternity & baby photography studios – pregnant in Sg

Website: http://bambooshoots.com.sg/

Specialises in: Maternity and newborn shots (in-studio)

BambooShoots Photo specialises in organic & natural maternity, newborn & children, family portrait photography in Singapore with special consideration in Jakarta, Bali, HongKong, Bangkok, Beijing and Shanghai.

Pricing: BambooShoots doesn’t have an add-on session fee. All package pricing is all-inclusive as a product credit with complimentary digital artwork and session mobile app with Peony Package.

Photographer Cici McCalman offers softly filtered images that capture candid moments. We love it because every shot is so well-framed and professionally caught.

Cici constantly refreshes her inspirations and taste by attending mentor programmes in Australia, North America and Europe. Through this, she hopes to bring a fresh and elegant taste to Singapore’s maternity and baby photography scene. She loves capturing true emotions romantically and adding a dreamy touch to newborns’ tiny little features, to preserve an elegant timeless memory.

The best part’s that she also does nursing shoots! Cici perfectly captures the beauty of breastfeeding. According to Roshni Mahtani, founder of theAsianparent, Cici has done a great job in preserving the timeless memory of her breastfeeding journey.

She said: “She’s honestly the best photographer I have ever worked with and i would highly recommend her to anyone. She’s a true artist and you can see the love and passion she has for photography.”

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