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You have heard it a million times and you will hear it a million more…don’t blink!  I tear up as I write this because the newborn I just took home from the hospital is now almost 10 months old.  In just 10 short months, little Scarlett has learned to smile, babble, sit up, laugh, eat solids, splash and crawl.  Babies are miraculous blessings and although they inevitably grow, I will take a moment to hold onto this tiny one and be in awe.

She needs me and I need her.  How wonderful it feels to be needed and loved in this unique way…a way that may only be felt in life by a mother in the first year of her child’s life.  Think about it.  Everything your child needs as an infant is provided by you.  Her feedings, her changings, her learning, her physical touch, her play and her love.  Isn’t great to be needed?!

I know the stress of an infant is overwhelming at times.  I have dealt with the high that is afterbirth and excitement…and the low that is wondering if you are enough.  You ARE enough.  Your baby needs YOU.  Imperfect you.  And your baby loves you because she needs you.  Soak it in and enjoy that infant needing you.

Oh, that’s not to say there won’t be messes, crying, sleep deprivation and more.  While cleaning up baby Scarlett’s very messy diaper one day, my other two kiddos decided that getting out the craft glitter and covering themselves and the living room in it might be fun.  Maybe they would fly like Tinkerbell.  Maybe it just looked pretty.  I don’t know, but what I do know is that I lost it.  See, I told you there would be messes…and crying.

Although these times are tough, they are also short.  And even though sometimes I want baby Scarlett to need me forever like this, I know she won’t.  So while she does, I will give her the best I can.  That is why I choose Water Wipes, found here, the world’s purest baby wipes, for her sensitive baby skin.

If you have been following the blog, you know that my little has the most sensitive skin.  I love that WaterWipes don’t have the additives in them that most wipes do.  They are made of 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract – WOW!  WaterWipes are large (a must when dealing with messy bottoms), durable and natural.  They provide a safe option for my little one’s delicate skin and also double as great face and hand wipes. WaterWipes are my favorite option for clearing up and preventing diaper rash.

As my sweet Scarlett nears a year old, I will enjoy those moments when she needs me and only me.  And as those times get fewer and far between I will continue to give her what is best for her.

What do you love about those moments when your infant needs you?  What are your favorite and least favorite moments of your first year with baby?



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