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How to Teach Your Child to Banish the Binky


A baby pacifier is an otherworldly charm that can instantly restore calm and order. If there were magic, this would be it. And yet, too much of a good thing can be, well…a bad thing. If you’ve got a tot whose binky could qualify as an additional appendage, you know it’s time.

Here are 6 clever ways to help your little babe bin the binky.

Ease Into It

Your child’s affinity for the pacifier is like yours for let’s say, sugar. It’s hard to give it up when it’s become a part of your lifestyle. But it is possible when you do it nice and easy. Allow your tot to use the binky less and less over time. With slow withdrawal, it’s likely that your child will shed the habit sooner. Granted, this method is longer drawn than others, but it’s also one that will cause you the fewest temper tantrums.

Play the Emotional Card

Kids are smarter than you think, and a good heartfelt conversation may just do the trick. Explain to your child that they need to get rid of the baby soother if they want to graduate to the big kid brigade. You can also turn the graduation into a game. Create excitement by turning a dupatta into a graduation cloak and gifting your tot a flower as a token of their binky graduation.

Hide It

If you aren’t one for using the withdrawal method and prefer a quicker route, it may make sense to simply hide the pacifier. Of course, be prepared for tears and tantrums, because your binky baby will not take too easily to this newfound way of life. If it helps, allow your child a countdown to the day that the binky will vanish. And if you do decide to make the pacifier disappear overnight, remember that it’s important not to give in, regardless of how much your little tyke weeps and wails. In time, the binky will be forgotten; you just need to be patient.

Invite the Binky Brownie

Who doesn’t love magic? Not kids, certainly. Fictional fairies and superheroes have long appeased children, and it’s wise to build a character around the binky. Call her the Binky Brownie. Let your child know that the Binky Brownie will come visiting on a full moon night and take the binky away. In exchange, she will leave a lovely little gift. A quid pro quo of sorts. Enchant your child by weaving magic into your story.

Downsize Your Binky Collection

If pacifiers play the lead role in your home’s peacekeeping chronicles, it’s likely that you own more than one. Get rid of extra pacifiers and keep only one or two to keep you company. By owning fewer, you’ll be forced to make do with what you have and you’ll condition yourself to the limited inventory. Over time, you can spiral down from two to zero.

Damage It

Use a knife to slice the end off the pacifier and show your infant that their binky is broken and deserves a spot in the bin. Encourage your child to throw the binky themselves so that they feel a sense of ownership. Remember, a damaged pacifier can cause choking, so don’t give it back to your little one after you’ve slit the end.

Whether you decide to invite the Binky Brownie or take matters into your own hands, know that the harmony in your home doesn’t rest on that precious pacifier. Bin the binky and see for yourself!


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Pacifier Pointers: How to Teach Your Child to Banish the Binky

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