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MUST-HAVES FOR BABY #3 – Mommy Status


My happy little baby number three hasn’t required much.  I’ve downsized the diaper bag (see here), I’ve simplified the nursery (a few pics here), and I’ve stuck to squeeze food pouches.  Because Scarlett is our third girl (announcement found here), she didn’t even need new clothes…although I couldn’t resist buying just a few new outfits. Easy and on-the-go have taken on whole new levels as I navigate three kids.  So here are my must-haves for baby #3:

  • Nursing Pillow – Although I’m often nursing on the go now that I have three children, when I do sit and relax to nurse 2-3 times a day, I like to have my nursing pillow. It not only helps me avoid elbow pain, but it also reminds me to relax and enjoy this time with my baby.  Those sweet moments are more precious than gold.  They go in the blink of an eye so they must be treasured!
  • Sound Machine – With two other *loud* children, a sound machine or Hush Hat (reviewed here) is a must for baby to get a decent nap. My pediatrician suggested keeping the sound machine on a low level to avoid hearing damage, so just keep that in mind.
  • Baby Carrier – I only need about 4-6 more arms each day, but at least I can have two when baby Scarlett is in the baby carrier. I have recently reviewed three different options for baby carriers.  Read the reviews here, here and here to choose which option fits your lifestyle best.
  • Rompers – Ain’t nobody got time to mess with a top AND bottom! We are usually rushing out the door and a one piece is easiest to slip on baby Scar.  Plus, even though I own a few rompers myself (and wear them more often than I should admit), they just look better on babies!
  • Sleep Sack – I talked about my favorite here. My little Scarlett is always pulling blankets up over her face and it scares me when I see her on my video monitor (reviewed here) with something over her head.  So I opt for a comfy sleep sack.  I also think when she is cozy warm she naps better/longer…and who doesn’t love a long nap?!
  • Aveeno Lotion – Oh, this girl’s sensitive baby skin is throwing me for a loop. See all about her baby acne and what helps it here.  I am obsessed with Baby Magic and use it on my other girls and myself morning and night, but little Scarlett’s sensitive skin can’t handle the Baby Magic love.  Her pediatrician recommended plain Aveeno and her skin has been much happier with it.

That wraps up my must-haves for baby #3. Now if I can keep my 3-year-old from smothering her, we’ll have it made!  What were your must-haves for your subsequent babies?  If you only have one child, what do you wish you had/want for the next?

myStoryisArt, newborn, baby, child, family photographer in Utah County.

Is there anything more perfect and pure in this world than newborns?! I love babies!!!

myStoryisArt, newborn, baby, child, family photographer in Utah County.



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