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It is incredibly difficult as a first time mom to know what you are going to need before you have a baby. I think a lot of stuff can wait until after you have a baby, but something you MUST purchase before is a nursing bra (if you want to make your life easier). I had no idea what to look for when purchasing a nursing bra, but after trying out a bunch I can say they are definitely not all created equal. I think every women should have at least 3-4 nursing bras because you’ll want different ones for different occasions.

You will need a different bra for these 4 occasions:

1. Sleeping

2. Every day 

3. Working out 

4. Going Out

Sleep Nursing Bra

First of all, having to wear a bra when you sleep is NOT COOL. This was me before I had a baby/started nursing:

already taken bra off, best sleep bra

But since you don’t get that luxury postpartum, you will need a nursing bra that makes you (kinda) feel like you aren’t wearing one. The best bra I’ve found to accomplish this is the Unlined Nursing Sleep Bra which can be found here.

Every Day Nursing Bra

I started wearing nursing bras during the last few months of my pregnancy because I had outgrown my regular bras. I found this one and it was love at first try on ( I actually wrote a full post about it here). Seamless bra’s are always a good idea when you’re looking for comfort and there are quite a few other things I love about this bra as well. This bra is super easy to clip down one- handed, which is so important for a nursing mom! The closure strap on the back is really thick and helps minimize the dreaded “back fat”situation. Also it comes in 6 different colors and is super affordable. What’s not to love? Another seamless bra that is really popular is this one.

I actually purchased this in two different sizes; I wore the larger size immediately postpartum while my breasts were still very tender and I didn’t want anything remotely tight on them, and a smaller size that I started wearing when I wanted a little more support on the daily. Side note: I remove the cups in all my bras.

Sports Nursing Bra

Whether you’re a gym rat or not, I would recommend getting a clip down sports bra. I’ve heard great things about this one, and personally own this one and love how comfy it is. I would wear it whenever I was out on walks or the few times I did go to an exercise class postpartum and it really made me feel better supported. You will want a sports nursing bra especially if you are an active person or someone who sweats a lot.

Going Out Nursing Bra

Most days as a mom are less than glamorous including spit up on your yoga pants or baby food on your pajama top. I still look forward to the days when I get ready and go out (even if I bring my baby with me)! I enjoy getting dressed up and that includes putting on a bra that gives a little more support and makes me feel more confident than my every day bra. I’d recommend an underwire bra like this one. It never hurts to find one with some lace on it to make you feel a little less “frumpy” postpartum.

4 nursing bras

I would wait to buy your nursing bras until about a month before you are due because most women’s band and cup size increase. I was shocked at my size when I got fitted right before I was due! Places like Motherhood Maternity and Nordstrom will fit you for free. You could even measure yourself and order online if you prefer that, but definitely don’t count on being the same size you were before you got pregnant!


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