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Melissa and girls yootoo bra 3

Hi all you nursing mommas out there!  Breastfeeding can be difficult, exhausting, and uncomfortable.  I shared my tips on it here, here and here, but I didn’t address the issue of staying comfortable.  Undergarments are a tricky subject because as women we are all shaped differently.  The fact that women come in all shapes and sizes is wonderful, but also makes it hard to find a garment that reaches the masses.  Ashley shared with us her favorite nursing bra here (and some great nursing clothes here) which is perfect for lounging and low-key outings.  I was still in the market for an every day/going out bra and was happy to discover the yootoo nursing bra (found here).  Yootoo is a bra that focuses on momma during pregnancy and motherhood while everyone else is focusing on the baby; hence the name yootoo.  As moms, we often forget that our bodies need a lot of attention after birth.  Our amazing bodies go through so much during pregnancy and birth that they come out stretched and scarred.  Yootoo wants us to remember that we too are being taken care of. So after testing it out, I have come up with a whole bunch of things I love about the yootoo bra.

Melissa and girls yootoo bra 2

Melissa and girls yootoo bra

Photos by: CristinAllen Photography

  • Made with medical compression fabric:  The unique fabric makes this bra extremely comfortable.
  • Pregnancy and Nursing:  Yootoo is made to fit through pregnancy and nursing with extra flex and 6 hook placements.
  • Flap folds easily:  The flaps unhook and fold all the way down easily and with one hand.  Because who has time for fidgeting with a tricky bra when you have a hungry baby?!
  • Extra hooks:  There are 6 hook placements that can accommodate a 32 to 42 inch rib.  This makes it easy to use through the growing and thinning process of becoming a mother.
  • No underwire:  I cannot stand underwire bras, yet when I wore this bra for the first time, my husband actually noticed the lift!  No uncomfortable underwire needed.
  • Pretty:  The bra has sweet, simple lace to make you look and feel more feminine.
  • Extra support:  Yootoo has plenty of support for my day-to-day activities.
  • Price:  The price is affordable and there are even frequent promos on their website.  This makes it easy to justify getting two or three so that one is always clean.
  • Four color options:  The yootoo bra comes in four lovely neutral colors.

There is so much to love about this bra! As for sizing, I would definitely size down.  Because the yootoo bra gives so much room to grow, you want to be sure it will fit you during your smaller sizes as well.  I found that sizing down gave me a nice fit with room to grow up or size down (if I ever make it back to the gym!).  With Mother’s Day approaching it is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something you will want to wear every day.  Enjoy, mommas!

yootoo bra

yootoo bra back

I received a yootoo nursing bra for review.  All opinions are my own.



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