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Your pregnancy week by week: Week 35 – Pregnant in Singapore

After Week 34, your baby is likely to have reached his or her maximum height already! But in the run up to homestretch, your baby will still be steadily gaining weight.

What’s happening to your body?

Frequent urination strikes again at this point due to the position of the baby’s head against your bladder. This may cause some difficulty in controlling fluids when laughing, coughing, or sneezing!

‘Pregnancy brain’ and increasing clumsiness might also be troubling you. You may feel absentminded and uncoordinated or unbalanced. Don’t worry! This is completely normal and these symptoms are short-term.

Your varicose veins might have begun to ache under the pressure of the baby’s weight.

Headaches are also common at this stage and could be caused by a variety of things. Being overheated is a possible cause. Headaches may be accompanied by bleeding or tender gums, skin rashes and heartburn.

How your foetus is developing week by week:

Your baby’s brain power is now developing rapidly! But the skull remains soft to make it easier for the baby to be squeezed out of the birth canal. Also, at 35 weeks, the baby’s fat percentage has skyrocketed to 15% percent. This will continue to rise to about 30% by full term.

What you can do:

Learn all about pain relief options for childbirth. It’s important to be aware as the big day draws nearer.

Drink plenty of fluids! Don’t let frequent urination dissuade you from staying hydrated. Instead of cutting fluid intake, try staying close to bathrooms and when in a bathroom, empty your bladder fully by leaning forward! Also, continue practicing your Kegel exercises to increase control over your muscles. A pantyliner might help too.

To deal with heartburn and indigestion, refrain from eating while reclined or lying down.

Boost your vitamin C intake to strengthen your gums. Try taking in more orange juice, berries, and other foods with high vitamin C content.

If you feel stuffy, it could be a thickening of the mucous membranes in your nose caused by pregnancy hormones. You can try to open up your nostrils with nasal strips.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy in Week 36?

Your pregnancy week by week: Week 35

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