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What’s HIV?

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, briefly, known as as HIV is a virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). An individual could also be HIV constructive however don’t have AIDS. An individual with HIV can transmit the virus to others if contaminated blood, semen or vaginal fluids are available contact with damaged pores and skin or mucous membranes. An individual contaminated with HIV might not develop AIDS for ten years or longer.

What are the danger elements of HIV throughout Being pregnant?

A lady contaminated with HIV can cut back the danger of transmitting the virus to the newborn by staying as wholesome as potential. Listed here are some elements which improve the danger of HIV transmission:

  •        Smoking
  •        Substance abuse
  •        Vitamin A deficiency
  •        Malnutrition
  •        Infections corresponding to STD’s
  •        Breastfeeding
  •        Medical stage of HIV, together with viral load

Ought to Pregnant girls get examined for HIV? How is testing performed?

Ladies who’re planning their being pregnant or who’re pregnant needs to be examined for HIV as quickly as potential, and the lady’s companion also needs to be examined. A lady who has not been examined for HIV throughout being pregnant may be screened throughout labor and supply with speedy assessments. A blood check is completed for the analysis of HIV/AIDS.

You can even do confidential testing with using a house testing equipment known as as Dwelling Entry HIV Check System which has been accredited by the Meals and Drug Administration.

How can HIV/AIDS have an effect on the being pregnant?

In a lot of the circumstances, HIV doesn’t cross by the placenta from mom to the newborn. The placenta offers safety for the growing toddler if the mom is wholesome in different features. Listed here are some elements which cut back the protecting potential of the placenta:

  •        Uterine infections
  •        Latest HIV an infection
  •        Superior HIV an infection
  •        Malnutrition

An HIV contaminated girls ought to get particular counselling a couple of nutritious diet and a spotlight needs to be given to stopping iron and vitamin deficiencies and weight reduction.  Gynecologist should additionally search for sexually transmitted illnesses or different infections corresponding to malaria, urinary tract infections, tuberculosis or respiratory infections.

What are the probabilities of the new child turning into HIV constructive?

If a mom doesn’t obtain therapy, then there are possibilities that the virus will infect 25 p.c of infants born to girls with HIV. A child can turn out to be contaminated with HIV within the womb, throughout supply or whereas breastfeeding. If a girl has undergone an HIV therapy, then the share may be decreased to lower than 2 p.c.

How is Prenatal Care of HIV constructive girls dealt with?

A multi-care strategy which addresses the medical, psychological, social and sensible challenges of being pregnant with HIV is the simplest method for an HIV constructive pregnant girls to have a wholesome being pregnant and supply.

How does HIV have an effect on Labor and Start?

The danger of HIV transmission in the course of the supply is round 10-20 p.c if no preventative steps are taken and the prospect of transmission will increase if the newborn is uncovered to HIV contaminated blood or fluids. Docs ought to keep away from performing amniotomies, episiotomies and different procedures that expose the newborn to the mom’s blood.

Can a Mom Breastfeed if she is HIV constructive?

There are possibilities that about 15% of newborns born to HIV constructive mom might turn out to be contaminated by HIV in the event that they breastfeed for 24 months or longer. The danger of transmission relies on:

  •        Whether or not the mom breastfeeds solely
  •        breastfeeding period
  •        The well being of mom’s breast
  •        the dietary and immune standing of the mom

The danger is way greater if the mom turns into contaminated with HIV whereas she is breastfeeding.

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